TTT TV - 3 Secrets to Speeding Up Soft Tissue Rehab

Jul 06, 2017

What are the 3 Secrets to Speeding Up Soft Tissue Recovery WITHOUT doing the thing that most practitioners get wrong?

Well TTT TV (Ted's Tips on Tuesdays) Episode #1 screened on Facebook Live on Tuesday 13 June and dived into those 3 Secrets!

PLUS we discovered:

  • The winner of the competition for naming the Show [Congratulations Margaret Taylor of Scotland!]
  • Viewers LOVE Freebies (especially when they include the key references, links and bonuses!)
  • Next week's show prize is a brand new car delivered to your clinic anywhere in the world!
  • Our new Hashtag: #ShowUsYaTips

You can check it out here:


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Jul 03, 2017

In today's TTT TV show, we dived into:

  • The therapeutic value of mobilising the Navicular (including the treatment objective & reasoning)
  • The end of using the term 'Shin Splints'
  • Davis' Law of Connective Tissues
  • The biomechanical compensation patterns that stress the Tib. Post. muscle, tendon & attachment sites
  • My favourite simple (& safe!) mobilisation TEDnique for the Navicular
  • The key Rookie Mistakes to avoid with this mobilisation tednique


Grab your Fabulous Freebie with all the details and links you'll need to master mobilisation of the Navicular:

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Jun 20, 2017

 Today's jam-packed show covered tons of practical, actionable tips that you can apply IMMEDIATELY to improve your clients' compliance rates.

What is the '4 Letter Word' that dramatically motivates your client to follow your instructions?

What is the '3 Step Communication Framework' that you can use to effectively describe your topic/idea/point to your clients/staff/family?

All is revealed here:


Get your fabulous freebie here:

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How to Fix Plantar Heel Pain in 3 Weeks

Apr 18, 2017

Why are Plantar Heel Pain results soooo variable?

Even after thorough, conscientious assessments and treatments, are you still ‘wishing and hoping’ your patients get better?

This 9 minute video will reveal the secret treatment option (that we don't get taught at university!) that transformed my plantar heel pain results.

90% of cases resolve in less than 3 weeks!

Check it out here:



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Apr 12, 2017

Why is it that ankle strengthening using wobble boards can be next to useless?

I used to get mixed results with ankle rehab and wasn't sure why until a light bulb switched on!

In this quick video you’ll discover:

  • The number one reason why people with weak ankles have weak ankles.
  • The clinical test that’ll pique your suspected diagnosis and…
  • The single treatment you need to do that improves ankle stability immediately – and it’s got nothing to do with wobble boards!

I’m also going to give you a ‘real world’ case study so you can use my example to assess and treat any of your clients who present with ‘weak ankles’.

Check it out RIGHT HERE:



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Apr 03, 2017

Do YOU recommend these footwear features to your patients/clients:

>> Reinforced Heel Counters?
>> Met-head Flex Points?
>> Rigid Shanks?

If so, you may be doing a MASSIVE disservice.
This video interview gives you a 'sneak peak' into one of the most switched-on brains in footwear research (Dr Simon Bartold) who explains why the above footwear features are just WRONG!

Check out the 'evidence-based' lowdown here:

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From General Podiatrist to MSK Specialist - P Ferguson

Mar 09, 2017

In 2011, Pete spent about 80% of his clinical time delivering general treatments and 20% MSK work.

Today, Pete spends 80+% delivering MSK services and less than 20% of his time providing general treatments (GT's).

How did he make that transition?

In this precise interview, Pete reveals:

  • Why 'failed treatments' are a big part of his caseload now
  • How diabetic neuropathy and cuboid dysfunction can be mistaken for each other
  • His scenic route to 'Dynamic Testing' 
  • How GT's played a pivotal role in his progression to an MSK Specialist

If you are keen to grow your MSK caseload from GT practice, grab a pen (or your iPad) and learn from someone who's done it!

INTERVIEW - PETE FERGUSON from Ted Jedynak on Vimeo.

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Check out more bums! C Bradeley Pt 2

Feb 28, 2017

If you're wanting to provide an even more comprehensive service to your patients, you need to check out more bums!

That's what MSK Podiatrist, Clifton Bradeley, expert in pelvic dysfunction says. (OK, I've taken some liberties with his languaging but it got your attention, didn't it??).

In this concise interview, Clifton reveals:

  • Why asymmetrical gait patterns can actually symmetrical joint RoM presentations
  • The #1 pelvic dysfunction pattern (including the 3 clinical signs to watch for that show up this dysfunction)
  • How to tell if your heel lift is actually working!
  • The importance of measuring numbers consistently (even if you're NOT a researcher!)

Check out the interview so you can help more MSK patients:



CLIFTON BRADELEY - PART 2 from Ted Jedynak on Vimeo.

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Nov 29, 2016

David Cashley, UK podiatrist and expert on Morton's Neuromas, shares his experiences in assessing, diagnosing and treating Morton's Neuromas.

In this engaging interview, Dave discloses:

  • The clinical tests for Neuromas that are more accurate than diagnostic imaging (including the research that supports this claim)
  • Why Neuromas are NOT related to the pronated foot pattern
  • How someone with 'big, clumsy rugby hands' developed excellent tactile skills
  • The exciting research that compares Neuroma treatments of HVLA manipulations with cortisone injections.


Check it out here:


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Nov 16, 2016

In this insightful interview, Dr Scaglioni, expert in physical & rehab therapies reveals:

  • The #1 organ of every therapist (and it's not your hands!)
  • The clever distinction that 'why you do' is more important than 'what you do'
  • The 3 crucial steps to improving your 'tactile' skills
  • The concise explanation that'll give you a unique insight into the Italian economy!
  • The power of asking for help
  • The inter-professional politics that’s surrounded by passion and intrigue!

And heaps more!

Check it out now RIGHT HERE!

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