Helping Arthritis Sufferers without Nasty Side Effects

Aug 08, 2016

Osteoarthritis is a massive burden in our community.

What treatment options do you have for your osteoarthritic patients?

My university training taught me about anti-inflammatory medications and surgical options but both of these treatments have potentially nasty side effects.

So I've just put together this quick video blog that'll help you:

  • understand the single most important thing to do for arthritic joints to get rapid relief
  • offer an effective treatment option (your patients will have a ball with this one!)
  • discover the secret that your colleagues all around the world now use for their arthritic GT patients for even better clinical results

I guarantee you'll have at least three practical 'takeaway tips' you can use in your clinic immediately!

Check it out RIGHT HERE:



How to treat OA without nasty side effects from Ted Jedynak on Vimeo.

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Lunge Test

Jul 14, 2016

See the Lunge Test performed here so you can confirm your accuracy with this test enabling you to determine the necessity of improving ankle dorsiflexion in your treatment plan.

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Supination Resistance Test

Jul 14, 2016

See the Supination Resistance Test performed here so you can confirm your accuracy with this test enabling you to rate the level of supination your orthoses need to provide.


STJ and Supination Resistance - CLICK HERE

Limitations of the Supination Resistance Test - CLICK HERE

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Cuboid Assessment Test

Jul 12, 2016

This is the simplest and most effective way to assess for a displaced cuboid.

Check out the demo here:

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Get Better Compliance with Exercises

Jul 12, 2016

Have you ever been frustrated by patients who don’t do what you tell them to?

When it comes to patient compliance and exercises, physios, chiros and podiatrists around the world all have similar challenges.

 Until now.

 I’ve capitalized on over 30 years of clinical experience to come up with ‘Ted’s Top Tips’ that will improve the compliance rate of your patients IMMEDIATELY!

 In this quick video you’ll discover:

  • the biggest frustration physios complain of with exercises (and what you can do to overcome this to achieve better clinical results)
  • the surprising trick that doubled our compliance rates overnight (so that more clients did what they were told to do and got better, quicker!)
  • the reason why ‘showering with a friend’ can do more than save water! (Dust off your Barry White record collection for this one!!)
  • the $2 gift you MUST give (that will make you a magician because your compliance rates and clinical results...
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If only you'd been taught THIS at university!

Jul 06, 2016

I recently asked podiatry graduates about exercises and what they were taught at university.

Well, their answers SHOCKED me!

None of them recalled being taught anything about exercises, let alone Structured Exercise Plans [S.E.P.’s].

 And given that exercises can play a crucial role in helping patients get better clinical outcomes (especially when combined with orthotic therapy), this lack of education at university is worrying, to say the very least.

To rectify the situation, I’ve just put together this quick 5 minute video to give you:

  • The physiological imperative of combining S.E.P.’s with your orthotic therapy
  • The S.E.P.’s that can improve your orthotic outcomes by 32%
  • The reason why your patients are crying out for S.E.P.’s

Check it out RIGHT HERE!

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90% of Practitioners get this wrong!

Jun 24, 2016

Associate Professor David Butler reveals the error that 90% of practitioners make in managing their patients.
I just put this blog together for you so that you can check if you're making this mistake, too.

In this quick clip you'll discover:

  • the real reason why your patients seek your services (and it's NOT about relieving their pain/symptoms!)
  • the one thing that's truly important to your patients (and how you can fulfil this for them!)
  • the #1 Patient Management strategy so you can have happier & more compliant patients
  • the whole summary of 'Ted's Top 3 Tangible Actions' from the recent SA Podiatry Conference.

Put these actions into place now so you can get better clinical results immediately!




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The 'one thing' to focus on with every patient

Jun 16, 2016

Here’s a quick video designed to help you avoid an 'evidence-based' action that has been demonstrated to hinder clinical outcomes.

This crucial information comes from Assoc. Professor David Butler’s presentation at the recent SA Podiatry Conference.

In 5 minutes you'll discover:

· the 180 degree twist that improves healing IMMEDIATELY
· the mindful choosing of words that changes your patient's 'pain perceptions'
· the case study demonstrating the 'one thing' you need to focus on with every patient




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Why genitals are important in relieving foot pain

Jun 08, 2016

Associate Professor David Butler, expert in pain ‘revealed’ (or flashed??) the physiology of this statement at the SA Podiatry Conference held in Adelaide last week.

As a result, I will ‘expose’ in this 5 minute video (made exclusively for you):

  • how your genitals play a significant role in the healing of foot injuries
  • how reading the Saturday morning sports pages really is a crucial professional development activity (Category 6 is now invenTED!)
  • how one single action took Hallux Limitus to Hallux Hallelujah!

Enjoy (but keep yourself ‘tidy’)!


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Ted's Tips on MLA Blisters

May 25, 2016

If you've ever caused a MLA blister with your orthotic prescription, you've probably missed or overlooked one of three critical factors.

'Ted's Tips on MLA Blisters' reveals:

  • The physiological phenomenon that causes the blister in the first place
  • The biomechanical principle to work WITH (not fight against!)
  • The single action you can do IMMEDIATELY that makes your orthoses more comfortable (and your patients more compliant!)

Check out the video here:

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