Cuboid Cures Revealed

Apr 14, 2021

This quick video blog that identifies the 3 Crucial Keys in assessing and treating lateral foot pains with: 

  • Clear description of the kinematics that most commonly causes the cuboid to compensate.
  • Cuboid positions and how to tell if they have shifted (and even IF that’s possible?)
  • The big blunder that 90% of practitioners make with their Cuboid pads 

There’s also 3 case studies so you can use the ‘real world experiences’ of your colleagues to help YOUR Cuboid/Lateral Foot pain patients now!

Check it out now!

I guarantee you will have at least three practical ‘takeaway tips’ you can use in your clinic immediately (and what NOT to do with your next Cuboid pad!).

Accredited and acclaimed Foot Mobilisation trainings (via Zoom).


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Jan 18, 2021

Do you have patients with painful osteo-arthritis in their midtarsus?

Or patients with rigid pes cavus feet that are like lumps of concrete?

This super 6 minute vlog reveals the 3 Crucial Keys to help MTJ pains and joint restrictions.

You can apply these 3 Crucial Keys today!

Check it out now!

Upcoming FMT Workshops (via Zoom):

FMT Level 1 Training details HERE.  (Australia Feb 13 or Mar 13, UK/EU Feb 27 or Apr 17)

Advanced FMT Level 2+Training details HERE  (Australia May 15, UK/EU May 29)

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Super Skill #2 for your MSK patients

Jan 12, 2021

This Vlog reveals Super Skill #2 for your MSK patients.

You'll discover:

  • the clinical test that stunned a physio and his orthopods
  • how patients can 'cheat' your tests (and what you need to look out for to ensure your clinical decisions are well informed)
  • the three simple steps to enhance your clinical assessments of your MSK cases

CLICK HERE for the link to the free course.

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Super Skill #1 for your MSK patients - Joint Qualities

Jan 12, 2021

What are the top 5 clinical skills that maximise clinical outcomes for your MSK cases?

Check out this 4 minute video before you see your very next MSK patient!

CLICK HERE for the link to the free course.

Ready to join your colleagues in the upcoming Foot Mobilisation workshops?

CHECK OUT all the details here.

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Stabilise Wonky Ankles in just 1 Treatment

Nov 18, 2019

Talar Mobilisation Technique


  • Assess RoM of Talus within the ankle mortise
  • Release connective tissue restrictions affecting the ankle joint
  • Stimulate synovial fluid production within the ankle joint
  • Stimulate afferent inputs to the CNS for elevating proprioceptive functions

Set up:        

  • Patient position - seated with heel resting on the treatment table
  • Practitioner position - distal to the patient's leg
  • Medial thumb - on the medial Talar neck
  • Lateral thumb - on the lateral Talar neck
  • Both thumbs should be adjacent to each other
  • Surface Anatomy Tips - confirm contact is on the Talus and not the Tibia


  • Load the Talus to the end passive limit in the horizontal plane
  • Force Application - 3-5 kgs (but must be tolerable by patient)
  • Direction of Mobilisation - postero > lateral rotations at 1.5 seconds per rotation
  • Repetitions - 6 rotations (to take at least 8-9 seconds) 
  • ...
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Relieve 1st MPJ Pains without Surgery

Nov 11, 2019

1st MtPJ Mobilisation Technique


  • Assess QoM of 1st MtPJ structures
  • Release connective tissue restrictions affecting the 1MtPJ
  • Stimulate synovial fluid production within the 1st MtPJ

Set up:        

  • Patient position - seated with heel resting on the treatment table
  • Practitioner position - lateral to the patient's leg
  • Proximal hand - stabilise the 1st Metatarsal at the neck
  • Distal hand - use 'clamp grip' on 1st proximal phalanx
  • Surface Anatomy Tips - isolate 1st MtPJ (do not include 1st IPJ)


  • Action - at full traction position (extend), rotate, up-down, side-to-side
  • Force Application - 3-5 kgs (but must be tolerable by patient)
  • Repetitions - 6 repetitions (to take ~30 seconds in total)

Ted's Tips and Rookie Mistakes to Avoid:

All are revealed in the video.

Learn FMT Sat Nov 21 or 28 or Dec 5, CLICK HERE

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Differentiate Cuboid Conditions in less than 15 seconds

Nov 04, 2019

The Cuboid Assessment Test

The Cuboid Assessment Test effectively helps you determine if the Cuboid is displaced resulting in the loss of relationship between the Cuboid and the 4th & 5th Metatarsal bases. The steps to perform the Cuboid Assessment Test are:

  1. Position your client in a relaxed supine position with the foot resting on the examination chair or table.
  2. Stabilise the rearfoot (Ankle & Subtalar Joints) in a neutral midrange position with your medial hand.
  3. Apply a gentle dorsiflexion force (0.5 -1 kgs) to the plantar aspect of the 5th Metatarsal Head
  4. Ensure the dorsiflexion is isolated at the Cuboid:5th Metatarsal articulation and is not including pronation at the MTJ.

Interpreting Test Results

  • If the articular surfaces are congruent (Cuboid is in a functional position) the 5th Metatarsal Head will dorsiflex easily from its resting position.
  • If the articular surfaces are NOT congruent (Cuboid is in a dysfunctional or displaced position) the 5th Metatarsal Head...
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Oct 28, 2019

I had the opportunity to chat with Saskia and in this 12 minute interview, Saskia reveals:

  • The happy accident that resulted in her studying podiatry [1:35]
  • How a single foot mobilisation treatment helped a chronic knee patient [4:40]
  • Insightful advice for practitioners concerned about 'hurting' patients with joint mobilisations [7:12]
  • Why Saskia doesn't want doctors referring patients to her clinic [8:45]


AND an extraordinary inclusion where Saskia made me 'lost for words' and even blush

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Sep 30, 2019

Rigid Cavus feet can be a source of frustration when you have limited treatment options.

New treatment options for rigid Cavus feet that improves MTJ and FFT mobility immediately is coming your way!

Be the first to get all the details, CLICK HERE

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Sep 26, 2019

Sports Physio specialist, Andrew Wynd of Balwyn Sports & Physiotherapy Centre continues his candid discussion where you'll discover:

  • How to deal with professional 'boredom'
  • What to do when a treatment doesn't work
  • Why physios are not competent at finding and treating the Cuboid
  • His new method of stabilising the Cuboid (a new paper in the making?)
  • The best advice if you are contemplating leaving the healthcare industry (which is what Andrew was  considering)
  • Why Osteopathy is growing like 'crazy' (and what physios and pods can learn from that)

PS NEW upcoming training in Advanced FMT 2+ Neuro-based manipulations - be the first to get the details, CLICK HERE

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