TTT TV EPISODE #26 - FMT NINJA - Krista Prevost

Nov 13, 2017

In this interesting interview Krista reveals:

  • How the taste of bananas helped develop her palpation skills
  • Her new language of 'touch' that generated the term 'Foot Whisperer'
  • Case study #1 of a buff ice hockey player who struggled with Plantar Heel Pain (until he saw Krista)
  • Case Study #2 who struggled with 'bad feet', aka rigid cavus feet
  • Case Study #3 who looked like a 'slam dunk' but actually all went to s**t (and what Krista did to save the situation!)

You'll also hear what 'radically changed' Krista's approach to biomechanical treatments as well as her 'secret sauce' to educating patients on new treatment options.

Check it our right here:

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Nov 07, 2017

Jane Baker, Foot & Ankle Physiotherapist 

In this concise interview, Jane reveals her 'secret sauce' to greater insights in:

> similarities (and differences!) between animals and humans (that Darwin might have missed?)
> foot biomechanics & foot function that Jane didn't learn at university
> releasing rigid, supinated feet without breaking into a sweat!
> collaborating with podiatrists by speaking a common language
> what to do when treatments don't work out as expected

Check out this Master Ninja practitioner here:


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TTT TV EPISODE #24 - FMT NINJA - Lucy Gillivour

Oct 30, 2017

In this revealing interview, recent graduate Lucy Gillivour teaches this old dog some new tricks (including the steps Lucy took to see 1,235 patients in the first 5 months after graduating!).

You’ll also discover Lucy’s secrets to:

·      Professional development commitment (that I have never heard anyone else make, including seasoned professionals!)

·      Improving the balance and stability of a 65 year old (that got her back to lawn bowls with confidence!)

·      Converting her most skeptical patient to FMT (who just happened to be her employer as well!)

·      The part time role that taught Lucy more in manual therapies than her whole university training

Check out this remarkable ninja practitioner RIGHT HERE!

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TTT TV EPISODE #18 - BUNIONS PART 4 - The Perfect Consult

Sep 12, 2017

Why are some consultations a 'dream' and others are just, well, complete s**t?

Today's TTT TV Show, Bunions Part 4, answers this question so that you can stack the odds in your favour of more 'dream' consults than the other kind.

We delved into:

  • Why being a good practitioner won't help those skeptical, negative or uncooperative patients [5:25]
  • How to (almost) guarantee a disastrous outcome for you and your patient [9:21]
  • The trigger that makes you resist good advice (even when it comes with good intentions) [11:07]
  • The insightful '4 Word' question that I would never consult without (don't be fooled by its simplicity!) [15:03]
  • How your patients don't care about their pains [15:15]
  • How to manage patient expectations (even when they're off the charts!) [22:02]
  • The second consulting question I would never work without [22:42]
  • How reality TV can work wonders for you and your patients [28:30]
  • The 3 essential answers EVERY patient is seeking when they see you [33:00]

This show could ...

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Sep 05, 2017



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Aug 29, 2017

Today's gangbuster TTT TV show on Busting Bunions without Surgery (Part 2 of 4) revealed:

  • Confirmation that I might have landed on my head as a child [7:17]
  • The anatomical premise that is poorly understood by most podiatrists (but well appreciated by lots of physios, chiros, osteos & remedial therapists) [10:51]
  • The single physiological principle that underpins the reason why you need to leave the 1st MP joint alone [14:08]
  • What to treat (and why!) on the first session of fixing bunions [16:49]
  • The 5 skeletal sites to assess with every Hallux Valgus case (that doesn't include the 1st MTP joint) [21:12]
  • The treatment tool that helps you treat HAV (that's already sitting in your clinic for another purpose!) [28:49]
  • What the 'new' treatment option entails (new to most podiatrists that is...) [32:11]
    What 50-60% of your patients will say to you after their first HAV treatment [33:49]


Get it all here:

PLUS our Fabulous Freebie to make it easier for you to explore new...

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Aug 22, 2017

Busting Bunions Part 1 - The Diagnosis

1st MP Joint conditions affect 23% of 18-65 year olds and 35.7% of adults over 65!

How can we help those patients without having to resort to surgery?

Well, first you MUST get your diagnosis right. In today's TTT TV Show we discovered:

  • The 2 key etiological categories for 1st MP Joint conditions (plus one etiology that doesn't quite fit into either camp) 9:54
  • The single clinical sign you MUST take heed with (that I stuffed up!) 11:22
  • The 10 mechanically based conditions that all have a single common factor 16:02

Plus we referenced:

  • Population Prevalence of Hallux Valgus article
  • David Cashley, Neuroma Expert
  • Diagnostic Imaging options as recommended by MSK Radiologists

Check it out here:

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Aug 15, 2017

Ted's Tips to Curing Cuboids

Today we dived into:

  • The Biomechanical & Physiological rationales for displaced cuboids
    Clinical Clues of cuboid displacements 
  • 4 Step process to minimise the cuboid from displacing again (should be part of every lateral foot, ankle and peroneal rehab plan!)
  • What to do if, despite your best efforts, a 'stuck cuboid' doesn’t respond to your manual therapy intervention.
  • How to help your GT client who has a callus or corn on their 5th Met-Head
  • 2x Case study examples of cuboid cases (that occurred in the workshop in front of everyone!)



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Aug 08, 2017

In today's TTT TV show we explored:

>  The progressive nature of Austrians and Germans with problematic children [5:02]
>  Clinical Foot Roentgenology by Gamble & Yale - Biomechanical X-Ray Analysis [10:51]
>  The crucial steps to developing a high quality relationship with a radiology service provider [14:41]
>  The essential 4 Steps your radiographer must do for high quality radiographs [16:57]
>  The reasons why the Health Insurance Commission launched an investigation into my practice (and the results they concluded!) [23:34]
>  The 'never before revealed' insights from a radiologist (what they REALLY think of referring podiatrists!) [27:45]
>  Radiologists' greatest frustrations with referrers (and the 1 minute trick you can do to overcome this immediately!) [32:47]
> The FFT Radiology Case Study that (not quite!) resulted in the dismissal of a sonographer (the challenges of a wrong diagnosis)! [35:41]

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Aug 01, 2017

Today we draw on the expertise of 'Neuroma Guru, David Cashley, MSKPodiatrist' for the latest on assessing and treating neuromas.
In today's TTT TV show we explored:

>  The research presented at the recent Australasian Podiatry Conference that confirmed the treatment you should be doing FIRST! [10:51]

>  The evidence that confirms the clinical test with a 98% sensitivity rate (compared to US 90% and MRI 88%) [12:18]

>  The biomechanical thesis that explains why neuromas most commonly form in the 3rd I-M space [17:10]

>  The clinical test that transformed my evaluation of neuromas after 32 years [25:21]

>  The cost-effective objective tool that measures and records neuroma pain levels that doesn't rely on VAS type subjectivity [26:16]

>  Ted's Tips you can implement immediately in your clinics now! [29:28]

Check it out here:


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