Super Skill #1 for your MSK patients

Feb 25, 2019

What are the top 5 clinical skills that maximise clinical outcomes for your MSK cases?

Check out this 4 minute video before you see your very next MSK patient!

The link to the free course is: https://bit.ly/2DTrx0a

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How to make 'Joint Assessments' your new Superpower

Feb 19, 2019

Brand new FREE online course to help you assess, treat and manage your MSK cases.

The course focuses on developing your 'hands on' joint assessment skills so you can be more confident in assessing the cause of your patients' problems.

PLUS your chance to win a place in the new Foot Mobilisation Therapies workshop.

Course Deets + Enrol RIGHT HERE




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Cuboid Cures Revealed

Feb 04, 2019

This quick video blog that identifies the 3 Crucial Keys in assessing and treating lateral foot pains with: 

  • Clear description of the kinematics that most commonly causes the cuboid to compensate.
  • Cuboid positions and how to tell if they have shifted (and even IF that’s possible?)
  • The big blunder that 90% of practitioners make with their Cuboid pads 

There’s also 3 case studies so you can use the ‘real world experiences’ of your colleagues to help YOUR Cuboid/Lateral Foot pain patients now!

Check it out now!

I guarantee you will have at least three practical ‘takeaway tips’ you can use in your clinic immediately (and what NOT to do with your next Cuboid pad!).

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3 Simple Steps to Relieving Osteo-Arthritis

Jan 28, 2019


What are your treatment options for your arthritic patients?

Of course, there are anti-inflammatory medications and surgical options but these can have nasty side effects.

This quick video blog will identify:

  • the single most important thing to do for arthritic joints
  • the effective treatment option that your patients will have a ball with
  • the secret that your colleagues all around the world now use for their arthritic GT patients

There’s also 3 case studies so you can use the ‘real world experiences’ of your colleagues to help YOUR OA patients now!

Check it out now!

I guarantee you will have at least three practical ‘takeaway tips’ you can use in your clinic immediately!




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Sage Advice for all Practitioners from Global Educators

Jan 21, 2019


Drs Claudia Clerici and Simone Scaglioni share their global wisdom for your new year of high quality service to your patients in 2019.

If you only take one point of inspiration or application from this generous video, it might be:

  • The single element every practitioner may well have forgotten (but needs to apply for delivering quality care) 2:20
  • The primary theme you must hold while reading/viewing EVERY piece of CPD education (including THIS very blog!) 3:12
  • Confirmation of the definition of 'crazy' 3:40
  • ' _ _ _ _ _ _' moves the knowledge 4:14
  • What inspires Dr Claudia to respond with 'Amen'? 4:44

WATCH and all will be revealed.

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What's New in 2019?

Jan 14, 2019

 The 5x NEW CPD options you can look forward to in 2019 explained in less than 6 minutes.

Further details on the FMT Level 1 Workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can be found RIGHT HERE.

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Lunge Test - The Top 3 Questions

Dec 17, 2018

The Top 3 Questions you must consider when performing the Lunge Test can make the difference between achieving accurate clinical results (or not!).

This blog reveals the keys questions (and their answers) so you can be confident you are getting the most reliable feedback for your clinical decision making.

In this blog you will discover:

  1. Patella position and how to manage femoral rotations
  2. How important the 'back foot' is to your assessment
  3. Why 'being square' is critical for reliability


Check it out now.


PS Ankle Rehab Mini-Course Available HERE

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How to Release Tight Hamstrings (without touching the hamstrings)

Dec 10, 2018

This blog reveals the 'magic' behind releasing tight hamstrings in less than 30 seconds.

Get your access to the FREE Ankle Rehab Mini-Course RIGHT HERE.

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Shocking Feet Saved Yet Again!

Nov 25, 2018

Greg Lawrence, the Foot Doc near Toronto, Canada, had a patient with ‘shocking feet’ that nothing had helped. The patient rang Greg’s clinic after her first FMT treatment to call Greg a ‘miracle worker!’

Hear Greg’s story here.

Greg’s story is one of many practitioners’ successes around the world as they help more patients with FMT and stand out in their communities. 

Unfortunately, training opportunities are rare and FMT Workshops book out fast. So make sure you don’t miss out on these world-class events in Australia, 2019 …

Cyber Monday Savings today only (Monday Nov 26)

Foot Mobilisation Level 1 – MELBOURNE – June 21-22, BRISBANE - June 28-29.

Cyber Monday Offer saving $600 – today only – CLICK HERE

Cyber Monday Instalments saving $501 – today only – CLICK HERE


Advanced FMT Intensive Levels 2+3 – BYRON BAY – Aug 29-Sep 1

Cyber Monday Offer saving $1,403 –...

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Nov 21, 2018

Do you have patients with painful osteo-arthritis in their midtarsus?

Or patients with rigid pes cavus feet that are like lumps of concrete?

This super 6 minute vlog reveals the 3 Crucial Keys to help MTJ pains and joint restrictions.

You can apply these 3 Crucial Keys today!

Check it out now!

FMT Level 1 Training details HERE.

Advanced FMT Levels 2+3 Training details HERE

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