Aug 12, 2019

Alison Fitzgerald, podiatrist working in private practice for the last 16 years of her 30 year career, openly shares key business lessons for new graduates and seasoned practitioners.

Key highlights:

  • The pros and cons of being in the public and private sectors
  • The single most important advice for anyone considering employing a new practitioner
  • The 2 best business books (from a library of over 100 business books!)
  • Best advice for new graduates
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MtPJ Manipulation

Aug 05, 2019

Check out this quick 60 second video where you see Manipulation Master, Dave Cashley of Scotland:

  • test and measure (with a pressure gauge) the onset level of MtPJ symptoms
  • a 240ms (1/4 second) HVLA manip
  • then re-test the symptom level

CLICK HERE for details on how you can learn HVLA techniques like this.

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Ankle Manipulation - David Cashley Demo

Jul 29, 2019

***Strength not included***

See how the 95-4-1 rule of manipulation works here.

  • 95% Set Up
  • 4% Speed
  • 1% Strength

Discover how you can master this technique (and many more) at the FMT Intensive Aug 29-Sep 1 2019, CLICK HERE

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Daniel Fitzpatrick - from General Practice to MSK Specialist

Jul 22, 2019

In this candid interview, Daniel reveals:

  • The crucial steps he took to develop his skill base as a new graduate
  • Why working in a regional clinic (without a receptionist) was such a great job
  • How he handled the label 'alternative'
  • Was it possible to be a MSK Podiatrist only?
  • The wisdom of a 28 year old, Dan, (that this old dog, Ted, could learn from!)
  • The rude awakening 'arrogance' flicked back at him
  • How providing a non-mainstream service boosted his professional popularity

Check it out now!

Advanced FMT training details - CLICK HERE

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Ankle Manipulation - Centrode Model

Jul 15, 2019

Why do problematic ankles, despite your best efforts, never get back to being as strong, stable or confident as they used to?

The cause of ankle dysfunction can be easily explained using the simple metaphor of a cup of tea. This can explain the 'Centrode Model' for Manual Therapy treatment first described back in 1977.

Watch this blog to discover what few health practitioners know about ankle dysfunction.

(How many of your ankle patients are missing out on this important rehab service?) 

For details on Foot and Knee Manipulation workshops, (Aug 29-Sep 1 2019) CLICK HERE


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Rehab for Sprained Ankles (strengthening not included)

Jun 18, 2019

Don't use strengthening exercises when rehabbing sprained ankles.

'WHAT? Have you lost the plot Ted?'

I hear you, this is what I was thinking too when Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist and Neurophysiologist expert, Dr Brian Power of the US made this claim.

But hang in there, there's method in the madness ...

This quick vlog reveals the crucial clinical signs that will help you determine the true cause of a 'weak muscle' and how you can restore its strength immediately! (Yes, this is bound to turn your belly button from an 'innie' to an 'outie'!). 

Check it out now!

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How to strengthen muscles without exercises

Jun 10, 2019

Can you strengthen muscles without strengthening exercises?

This blog is about ‘switching on’ muscles that are not functioning correctly due to neurological inhibition.

Discover why muscle 'weaknesses' may not require muscle 'strengthening' and how to determine if this is affecting your patient.

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Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction

Jun 03, 2019

What are the top 3 considerations you MUST be mindful of when assessing or treating Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)? 

Jon Churchward, podiatrist and graduate of our recent FMT workshop in Sydney, posed some interesting questions for a chronic PTTD patient he is seeing in a local homeless hub (kudos for your community service Jon!).

I shot a quick video to address the key considerations so that Jon (and you!) would benefit and avoid the common traps that can trip up many practitioners.

Check it out now.

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Case Study - Achilles Tendinopathy + Heel Pain

May 07, 2019

2 year history of pain, 2 physios, 1 GP, 1 surgeon, 1 podiatrist but STILL suffering.

This quick vlog reveals the critical steps that worked on:

  • neural inhibitions
  • joint restrictions
  • gait compensations
  • muscle firing patterns

Check it out now so you are even better equipped for your next Achilles + PHP case.

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Case Study - Rigid Acquired Pes Valgus

Apr 29, 2019

Rigid, stuck feet that feel like lumps of wood!

Ever felt limited by what you can do for these cases (when they have already seen 3 other practitioners for help)?

What effective treatment options can you provide that will make a positive difference?

This blog reveals the 4 steps to providing symptomatic relief and improved functional abilities for these feet:

Check it out now!

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