Uncategorized Aug 22, 2016

Last week's video blog was about our patient, Jennifer, who came to us seeking relief for her chronic plantar heel pains after having physiotherapy (including an extensive stretching program), dry needling, orthotic therapy, ice therapy, shockwave therapy, cortisone injections, hypnotherapy and then plantar fasciotomies on both feet!

This blog sure hit a nerve! I received comments like:

  • 'Where's the 2nd part!? It's a cliff hanger!!' - Leisa Dodonpachi
  • 'Brilliant! Waiting with bated breath for Part II' - Linda Russell
  • 'Brilliant! Thanks Ted, makes sense...' - Marie-Noelle Reid

I’ve just finished Part 2 of this Case Study video blog series that will reveal to you:

  • The anatomical strucure that gets injured 92% of the time (that may explain why those recalcitrant heel cases don't get better!)
  • The simple, diagnostic image that identified the true 'cause' of Jennifer's pains
  • My free gift to you to develop your skills in making even better diagnoses from x-rays (that Radiologists don't know about!)

Check it out RIGHT HERE:



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