MtPJ Manipulation

Aug 05, 2019

Check out this quick 60 second video where you see Manipulation Master, Dave Cashley of Scotland:

  • test and measure (with a pressure gauge) the onset level of MtPJ symptoms
  • a 240ms (1/4 second) HVLA manip
  • then re-test the symptom level

CLICK HERE for details on how you can learn HVLA techniques like this.

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Ankle Manipulation - David Cashley Demo

Jul 29, 2019

***Strength not included***

See how the 95-4-1 rule of manipulation works here.

  • 95% Set Up
  • 4% Speed
  • 1% Strength

Discover how you can master this technique (and many more) at the FMT Intensive Aug 29-Sep 1 2019, CLICK HERE

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