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"In Ted's FMT Trainings I've learnt biomechanical and physiological rationales that have transformed my clinical practice and results."

Jane Baker
Physiotherapist, London UK

"In 30 years of podiatry practice, I've never done such valuable practice altering CPD."

Alison Fitzgerald
Podiatrist, Vic. AUS

"FMT is great for all lower limb MSK conditions, not just feet. I've improved my outcomes for CRPS and Pediatrics as well as Plantar Fasciopathies, Achilles & Tib. Post. Tendinopathies."

Mel South
Physiotherapist Southampton UK

"FMT is amazing, I wish I'd done this sooner! I had this Plantar Fascia patient for 6 months but just couldn't get her completely fixed. 3 FMT sessions and she's almost there, amazing!"

Tom Brough
Podiatrist Brisbane AUS

"Thank you for all you have given me, both in FMT, and enjoyment of what I am doing at work. My patients love it and I am so happy with the patients that I have gotten moving again. So thank you for that. "

Assoc Prof. Judith Hechter
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine MN, USA

"FMT is the 'missing piece' for MSK conditions of the foot & leg. FMT has revolutionised the treatments in our clinic."

Simon Costain
Podiatrist, Harley St London

Dr Simon Costain, Podiatrist, Harley St London


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