Stabilise Wonky Ankles in just 1 Treatment

ankle mobilisation Nov 18, 2019

Talar Mobilisation Technique


  • Assess RoM of Talus within the ankle mortise
  • Release connective tissue restrictions affecting the ankle joint
  • Stimulate synovial fluid production within the ankle joint
  • Stimulate afferent inputs to the CNS for elevating proprioceptive functions

Set up:        

  • Patient position - seated with heel resting on the treatment table
  • Practitioner position - distal to the patient's leg
  • Medial thumb - on the medial Talar neck
  • Lateral thumb - on the lateral Talar neck
  • Both thumbs should be adjacent to each other
  • Surface Anatomy Tips - confirm contact is on the Talus and not the Tibia


  • Load the Talus to the end passive limit in the horizontal plane
  • Force Application - 3-5 kgs (but must be tolerable by patient)
  • Direction of Mobilisation - postero > lateral rotations at 1.5 seconds per rotation
  • Repetitions - 6 rotations (to take at least 8-9 seconds) 
  • Repeat rotation set 3x (for a total treatment time of 30 seconds)

Ted's Tips and Rookie Mistakes to Avoid:

All are revealed in the video.


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