TTT TV EPISODE #18 - BUNIONS PART 4 - The Perfect Consult

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2017

Why are some consultations a 'dream' and others are just, well, complete s**t?

Today's TTT TV Show, Bunions Part 4, answers this question so that you can stack the odds in your favour of more 'dream' consults than the other kind.

We delved into:

  • Why being a good practitioner won't help those skeptical, negative or uncooperative patients [5:25]
  • How to (almost) guarantee a disastrous outcome for you and your patient [9:21]
  • The trigger that makes you resist good advice (even when it comes with good intentions) [11:07]
  • The insightful '4 Word' question that I would never consult without (don't be fooled by its simplicity!) [15:03]
  • How your patients don't care about their pains [15:15]
  • How to manage patient expectations (even when they're off the charts!) [22:02]
  • The second consulting question I would never work without [22:42]
  • How reality TV can work wonders for you and your patients [28:30]
  • The 3 essential answers EVERY patient is seeking when they see you [33:00]

This show could transform your consulting room experiences (especially with those patients who can be s**t!).

Check it out here:


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