Uncategorized Aug 29, 2017

Today's gangbuster TTT TV show on Busting Bunions without Surgery (Part 2 of 4) revealed:

  • Confirmation that I might have landed on my head as a child [7:17]
  • The anatomical premise that is poorly understood by most podiatrists (but well appreciated by lots of physios, chiros, osteos & remedial therapists) [10:51]
  • The single physiological principle that underpins the reason why you need to leave the 1st MP joint alone [14:08]
  • What to treat (and why!) on the first session of fixing bunions [16:49]
  • The 5 skeletal sites to assess with every Hallux Valgus case (that doesn't include the 1st MTP joint) [21:12]
  • The treatment tool that helps you treat HAV (that's already sitting in your clinic for another purpose!) [28:49]
  • What the 'new' treatment option entails (new to most podiatrists that is...) [32:11]
    What 50-60% of your patients will say to you after their first HAV treatment [33:49]


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