TTT TV EPISODE #26 - FMT NINJA - Krista Prevost

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2017

In this interesting interview Krista reveals:

  • How the taste of bananas helped develop her palpation skills
  • Her new language of 'touch' that generated the term 'Foot Whisperer'
  • Case study #1 of a buff ice hockey player who struggled with Plantar Heel Pain (until he saw Krista)
  • Case Study #2 who struggled with 'bad feet', aka rigid cavus feet
  • Case Study #3 who looked like a 'slam dunk' but actually all went to s**t (and what Krista did to save the situation!)

You'll also hear what 'radically changed' Krista's approach to biomechanical treatments as well as her 'secret sauce' to educating patients on new treatment options.

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