Uncategorized Aug 08, 2017

In today's TTT TV show we explored:

>  The progressive nature of Austrians and Germans with problematic children [5:02]
>  Clinical Foot Roentgenology by Gamble & Yale - Biomechanical X-Ray Analysis [10:51]
>  The crucial steps to developing a high quality relationship with a radiology service provider [14:41]
>  The essential 4 Steps your radiographer must do for high quality radiographs [16:57]
>  The reasons why the Health Insurance Commission launched an investigation into my practice (and the results they concluded!) [23:34]
>  The 'never before revealed' insights from a radiologist (what they REALLY think of referring podiatrists!) [27:45]
>  Radiologists' greatest frustrations with referrers (and the 1 minute trick you can do to overcome this immediately!) [32:47]
> The FFT Radiology Case Study that (not quite!) resulted in the dismissal of a sonographer (the challenges of a wrong diagnosis)! [35:41]

Check it out here:



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