Uncategorized Aug 01, 2017

Today we draw on the expertise of 'Neuroma Guru, David Cashley, MSKPodiatrist' for the latest on assessing and treating neuromas.
In today's TTT TV show we explored:

>  The research presented at the recent Australasian Podiatry Conference that confirmed the treatment you should be doing FIRST! [10:51]

>  The evidence that confirms the clinical test with a 98% sensitivity rate (compared to US 90% and MRI 88%) [12:18]

>  The biomechanical thesis that explains why neuromas most commonly form in the 3rd I-M space [17:10]

>  The clinical test that transformed my evaluation of neuromas after 32 years [25:21]

>  The cost-effective objective tool that measures and records neuroma pain levels that doesn't rely on VAS type subjectivity [26:16]

>  Ted's Tips you can implement immediately in your clinics now! [29:28]

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