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What do genitals have to do with relieving foot pain?

Heaps, according to Assoc. Professor in Neuroscience, David Butler.

Today we go 'below the belt' to understand the Neuroscience of pain perception and how we can relieve our clients' pains more quickly.

In today's TTT TV show we explored:

> Our roles as health practitioners that have nothing to do with our diagnosis or treatment 5:21
> Why saying that joint pain comes from joints is like saying that all love comes from your genitals 9:47
> The neurological connection between foot pain and genitals 11:47
> Why doing 'what you love' has a direct impact on pain relief 13:04
> What moves Sir Bob Geldof to tears? 15:31
> Questions to ask your clients that will help them feel better, faster 20:11

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