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Fixing Achilles Tendinopathies without treating them!?

In today's TTT TV show we go 'outside the box' of traditional anatomy models and explore some non-traditional options in the quest to get better clinical results (particularly for those Achilles people who just don't seem to get better!!).

Today we explored:
> What Achilles Tendinopathy really is (and the 12 related conditions to rule out via Differential Diagnosis) 8:10
> The architecturally based model that has our bones 'floating in a web' and not working as levers 15:24
> Why the last thing we should touch/treat on the first visit is the Achilles Tendon 23:55
> The crucial key to success is antagonists 24:41
> The 3 critical objections to Tool Assisted Massage and why the evidence confirms they're right (AND wrong!) 31:52

Your Fabulous Freebie of:
> Differential Diagnosis Checklist
> Treatment Options List
> New Break Through Treatment method
> Useful links to References & Resources




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