TTT TV - 3 Secrets to Speeding Up Soft Tissue Rehab

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2017

What are the 3 Secrets to Speeding Up Soft Tissue Recovery WITHOUT doing the thing that most practitioners get wrong?

Well TTT TV (Ted's Tips on Tuesdays) Episode #1 screened on Facebook Live on Tuesday 13 June and dived into those 3 Secrets!

PLUS we discovered:

  • The winner of the competition for naming the Show [Congratulations Margaret Taylor of Scotland!]
  • Viewers LOVE Freebies (especially when they include the key references, links and bonuses!)
  • Next week's show prize is a brand new car delivered to your clinic anywhere in the world!
  • Our new Hashtag: #ShowUsYaTips

You can check it out here:



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