Sage Advice for all Practitioners from Global Educators

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2019


Drs Claudia Clerici and Simone Scaglioni share their global wisdom for your new year of high quality service to your patients in 2019.

If you only take one point of inspiration or application from this generous video, it might be:

  • The single element every practitioner may well have forgotten (but needs to apply for delivering quality care) 2:20
  • The primary theme you must hold while reading/viewing EVERY piece of CPD education (including THIS very blog!) 3:12
  • Confirmation of the definition of 'crazy' 3:40
  • ' _ _ _ _ _ _' moves the knowledge 4:14
  • What inspires Dr Claudia to respond with 'Amen'? 4:44

WATCH and all will be revealed.


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