Uncategorized Sep 16, 2016

Those terms; over-pronation or unstable midfoot – are they accurate? Do they actually mean anything?


My last blog on a cuboid related case study generated a number of questions and comments about my use of the terms ‘over-pronation’ and ‘unstable midfoot’. Some of the comments ended with ‘…whatever that means’.


In this blog I clarify my use of these terms (with the help of respected researcher, Craig Payne).


This is important for you to understand because then you can:

  • Add this understanding to your bank of resources
  • Have greater confidence in achieving even better clinical outcomes

I also demonstrate the script we use in our clinics to educate our clients on the MSK compensations of 'over-pronation' and 'unlocked midfoot'.

Check it out here:


Get your copy of the MSK Compensation script demonstrated HERE.


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