Helping Arthritis Sufferers without Nasty Side Effects

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2016

Osteoarthritis is a massive burden in our community.

What treatment options do you have for your osteoarthritic patients?

My university training taught me about anti-inflammatory medications and surgical options but both of these treatments have potentially nasty side effects.

So I've just put together this quick video blog that'll help you:

  • understand the single most important thing to do for arthritic joints to get rapid relief
  • offer an effective treatment option (your patients will have a ball with this one!)
  • discover the secret that your colleagues all around the world now use for their arthritic GT patients for even better clinical results

I guarantee you'll have at least three practical 'takeaway tips' you can use in your clinic immediately!

Check it out RIGHT HERE:



How to treat OA without nasty side effects from Ted Jedynak on Vimeo.


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