Get Better Compliance with Exercises

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2016

Have you ever been frustrated by patients who don’t do what you tell them to?

When it comes to patient compliance and exercises, physios, chiros and podiatrists around the world all have similar challenges.

 Until now.

 I’ve capitalized on over 30 years of clinical experience to come up with ‘Ted’s Top Tips’ that will improve the compliance rate of your patients IMMEDIATELY!

 In this quick video you’ll discover:

  • the biggest frustration physios complain of with exercises (and what you can do to overcome this to achieve better clinical results)
  • the surprising trick that doubled our compliance rates overnight (so that more clients did what they were told to do and got better, quicker!)
  • the reason why ‘showering with a friend’ can do more than save water! (Dust off your Barry White record collection for this one!!)
  • the $2 gift you MUST give (that will make you a magician because your compliance rates and clinical results will skyrocket!)


Check it out right here!



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