Cuboids - When things don't work out...

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2016

 I’ve been filling in as a locum in one of our clinics last week and had this cuboid case that just didn’t go according to plan.

 So I’ve just put together this new video for you to give you:

  • The typical things that go wrong with cuboid related conditions (even after your treatments)
  • The clinical tests to help you zero in on what actually needs to be treated (which is often not the symptomatic site)
  • A real world patient that all of this actually happened to (along with my frustrations in helping her). A great, real time, real world case study where EVERYTHING is revealed!

 It’s all unscripted and totally real. You’ll see how I apply what I’ve been showing you in the last two blogs implemented  in  a real-world scenario. This example shows you exactly how I navigated my way through managing and treating Deb T., a 60 y.o. lady and her debilitating cuboid case.

Check it out RIGHT HERE:




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