Check out more bums! C Bradeley Pt 2

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2017

If you're wanting to provide an even more comprehensive service to your patients, you need to check out more bums!

That's what MSK Podiatrist, Clifton Bradeley, expert in pelvic dysfunction says. (OK, I've taken some liberties with his languaging but it got your attention, didn't it??).

In this concise interview, Clifton reveals:

  • Why asymmetrical gait patterns can actually symmetrical joint RoM presentations
  • The #1 pelvic dysfunction pattern (including the 3 clinical signs to watch for that show up this dysfunction)
  • How to tell if your heel lift is actually working!
  • The importance of measuring numbers consistently (even if you're NOT a researcher!)

Check out the interview so you can help more MSK patients:



CLIFTON BRADELEY - PART 2 from Ted Jedynak on Vimeo.


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