From General Podiatrist to MSK Specialist - P Ferguson

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2017

In 2011, Pete spent about 80% of his clinical time delivering general treatments and 20% MSK work.

Today, Pete spends 80+% delivering MSK services and less than 20% of his time providing general treatments (GT's).

How did he make that transition?

In this precise interview, Pete reveals:

  • Why 'failed treatments' are a big part of his caseload now
  • How diabetic neuropathy and cuboid dysfunction can be mistaken for each other
  • His scenic route to 'Dynamic Testing' 
  • How GT's played a pivotal role in his progression to an MSK Specialist

If you are keen to grow your MSK caseload from GT practice, grab a pen (or your iPad) and learn from someone who's done it!

INTERVIEW - PETE FERGUSON from Ted Jedynak on Vimeo.


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