All The Tools You Need To Assess & Treat Plantar Heel Pains With Confidence


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Congratulations on grabbing the Top 5 Evidenced Exercises for PHPs!

You’re going to be able to get even better clinical results for your PHP cases, I can’t wait to hear how you’re doing!

I’m thrilled you've grabbed this exercise list, I know just how transforming the correct rehab plan can be for your PHP patients.

Have you ever had a PHP patient and wondered WTF? why didn’t they get better?

In the next 2 minutes, you’ll discover the single, crucial key that makes all the difference to getting the results you (and your patients!) need.

Look, the evidence tells us very clearly that:

One, Plantar Heel Pains are the #1 MSK conditions we Foot Fixers see in our clinics

Two, there’s still widespread debate on how to treat them

So, how can you cut through the minefield of information out there and get the clinical outcomes your patients need?

What’s the answer to confidently getting better outcomes for your PHP patients?

Well, what I’m about to say may come across as blindingly obvious but, in actual fact, it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

And because it isn’t as simple as it sounds, it can lead to the significant frustrations you might have experienced with PHP cases.

You see, the crucial key to getting great clinical outcomes is diagnosis - because your diagnosis determines your clinical reasoning and treatment decisions.

Not getting the diagnosis right affects everything!

It’s kinda like the FUEL you put in your car. If you make a mistake and accidentally put diesel in a petrol car it’s all downhill from there.

It’s the same situation if you don’t get your PHPs diagnosis right.

Okay, so getting the diagnosis right sounds like a BFO – a blinding flash of the obvious – but don’t be deceived.

Diagnosing PHPs is more complicated than it sounds…


Well, it’s because there can be up to 47 causes of PHPs!


That’s a lot of causes to navigate.

How can you sift through the 47 options effectively and confidently?

Well, PHPs have 3 primary categories of etiological causes:

1. Mechanical Tissue Stress
2. Metabolic Disorders
3. Neurological Causes

To top it all off, PHP is a multifactorial condition, meaning, it could be all or some combination of these factors.

Jeez Louise ...

And that’s why I’d like to offer you our comprehensive PHP course: THE IDEAL STEPS TO FIXING PHP WITH EASE.

Since you’ve already grabbed the TOP 5 PHP exercises, the next logical step is to skill yourself in PHP Diagnosis and Treatment so that you can get your PHP results even faster!

This PHP course has everything you need to assess, diagnose and treat PHPs with confidence.

Everything is laid out step-by-step so all you have to do is follow the guidelines.

We've done all the work so you don't have to.

Look, There’s a ton of info on PHPs out there!

• We’ve put all the pieces of the PHP puzzle together to save you a mega-tonne of time sorting through the minefield of info that’s out there.

• You no longer have to waste time and energy looking for something clinically relevant and effective for your PHP patients!

• We’ve done the work for you by creating a comprehensive course that guides you every step of the way through assessment, diagnosis, and treatment
• No new treatments are needed, it's all designed to work with your existing treatments whether that's orthotic therapy, needling, laser, shock wave or manual treatments.

• The PHP Course is an all in one, easily accessible course that you have lifetime access to

• If you’re a podiatrist, physio, chiro, osteopath or other physical therapist and you want to fast-track your clinical results, this course is for you

The online PHP Course is based on a full 8 hour workshop. It normally retails for nine hundred and ninety seven dollars but you can have it today for only $97 dollars.

So for just $97 dollars you’ll have everything you need to confidently assess and treat even the most stubborn PHP case.

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I hope you make the most of this nine hundred dollar saving now.

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Until next time, serve with spirit, consult with care, and fix more heel pains, today!