New Manual Therapies training opportunities coming Nov 26, 2019

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 'FMT has radically improved the way I treat my patients, my job satisfaction and my clinic revenues. I can't imagine doing my job without this skill base.'  Krista Prevost, Podiatrist, Toronto, CANADA

'The online course is TOPS!' Roy Janssens, Podiatrist, Belgium

'Firstly thank you for the wonderful course. I got a lot of techniques from it, exactly what I was hoping and have been enjoying manipulating lots of feet. With some great results too.' Andrew Wynd Sports Physio, VIC

'This FMT has changed my life I am having so many amazing results.  So excited to share this skill with my patients.' Rachelle Rakuraku, Podiatrist, WA

'The missing piece of the MSK puzzle is missing no longer thanks to FMT.' Simon Costain, Podiatrist, UK





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