Impactor Methods & Tool Assisted Massage [TAM] Online Courses

Enhance your MSK results through Mechanoreceptor Neuro-Stimulation [Impactor] & Fascial Release Treatments [TAM]

SAVE $697AUD / £370 / €430 Here


Maximise the proprioception impact you make for your MSK patients with evidence-based treatment

Manual Therapy

Maximise the value of your 'hands-on' treatments with the Impactor & TAM instruments.


Stand out from the crowd with a new service that few (if any!) of your peers provide.

Each course has 7 clear, structured modules:

  1. Overview and Course Orientation providing you with all the evidence and neurophysiology you need to be crystal clear on the science behind Impactor Methods.
  2. Module 2 is the practical training for Impactor Methods for the pronated foot pattern and
  3. Module 3 covers the supinated pattern that I used for Nancy
  4. Module 4 contains the 6 common rookie mistakes to avoid when starting with the Impactor
  5. Module 5 covers the actions to take in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction to the Impactor
  6. Module 6 guides you through the real world use of the Impactor with your patient prone and
  7. Module 7 guides you through the real world use of the Impactor with your patient supine

Each course includes:

  • Tutorial lessons + Worksheets
  • Audio + Video + MP3 Downloads
  • Private access to me for any questions or extra assistance you might need.
  • Recommended links to tool suppliers. (I don't get any kickbacks!).
  • Impactor + TAM retail fee $997AUD
SAVE $697AUD / £370 / €430 Here

MSK Cases who get better … but not best! Aargh! 😩 😖

I don’t know about you, but I HATE the feeling of coming up short with my MSK results.

If only there were other treatment options that didn’t require you going back to university …

Physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy have a range of effective manual therapy treatment options that podiatrists don’t get taught.


MSK Treatment Tools I Wouldn’t Work Without: 

  1. Tool Assisted Massage for Fascia Related Conditions
  2. Impactor Methods for Neuro-Based Treatments

The problem you face is your university training doesn’t teach you these treatment skills.

That’s why we created the online CPD courses so that you can help even more MSK patients just like Alison did.

SAVE $697AUD / £370 / €430 Here

"Ted, I love your sessions, amusing, inspirational and educational."

Pelita Papas
Podiatrist, Melbourne VIC

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